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Interlok 3.9.0

Interlok 3.9.0 has been released and is now available for download.

Interlok 3.9.0 has reached GA. It is now available for download.

The key highlights are :

  • Config projects continued improvements: We have improved the variable selector in the settings editor so it populates empty settings upon variable selection (making sure that element is outputted upon Apply Config); Our service testing features now support testing with variable sets.
  • UI Config Navigation Tree, there is now a new way to navigate the config page, which will make is easier to traverse large configuration
  • The config-conditional components have been promoted into the core Interlok release
  • New Switch Service which replaces some use cases for branching-service-collection
  • Our JMS/XA components have been split into their own specific modules, i.e. XA-ActiveMQ, XA-Atomikos, XA-Solace, XA-Tibco, XA-WebsphereMQ & (a non- provider specific) XA-JMS
  • The Email Integration components have been moved into their own optional component (interlok-mail)
  • Also, the Flat file integration components have been moved into their own optional component (interlok-flatfile)
  • There is now a docker image for Amazon Corretto + Azul

Some additional notes:

  • The new optional components, interlok-mail & interlok-flatfile are bundled into the 3.9.0 install. So this change has no immediate effect, once you install, they will still be in the ‘lib’ directory.
  • Config Items that were marked for removal in 3.9.0 have been removed, so there will be config changes if moving from 3.8 to 3.9
  • The UI Config Navigation Tree is a beta feature, to access it you have to switch on the ‘User Preferences’>’Enable technical preview features’
  • Due to improvements in how we load classes within the UI; it is possible to get some WARN messages in the logfile from ‘org.reflections’ concerning missing classes (‘could not get type for name X from any class loader’); these warnings can be safely ignored, and you should put <Logger name=’org.reflections’ level=’ERROR’/> in your log4j2.xml configuration.

The formal change log can be found here. Or you can check the usual sway presentation


Config projects - improved variable selector: improved variable selector

Config projects - service testing supporting variable sets: improved variable selector improved variable selector improved variable selector

Config Navigation Tree: improved variable selector improved variable selector