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Interlok 3.9.2

Interlok 3.9.2 has been released and is now available for download.

Interlok 3.9.2 has reached GA. It is now available for download.

The key highlights are :

  • The UI Config page has had many improvements including:
    • The validation process now produces warnings for deprecated usage.
    • The settings editor now has a 3 way toggle for viewing different levels of settings (normal, advanced and rare settings) making is easier to configure components.
    • The service testing features now support testing with ‘MIME’ encoded messages.
  • The UI Component Search has been improved to return more accurate results.
  • A new exciting UI Page, the Interlok Profiler is now available (you need to enable technical preview features), allowing you analysis runtime performance metrics.
  • New services to provide PGP encryption, decryption, signing, and verification (interlok-pgp).
  • FtpConsumers now support a range of FileFilters, including filters that aren’t just ‘name based’.
  • Interlok now supports JMS 2.0 asynchronous producers with XA transactions.
  • New simplified cache services that are simpler to configure and avoid XML bloat.
  • HikariCP is now supported as an implementation for Pooled JDBC Connections.
  • New alterative authentication schemes for AWS.
  • In the interlok-aws-s3 component, the S3 List Operation now supports styles.

The formal change log can be found here. Or you can check the usual sway presentation


Config projects - deprecated validation: deprecated validation

Config projects - view normal, advanced and rare settings: three way view

Profiler UI: profiler profiler 2 profiler 3