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Interlok 3.9.3

Interlok 3.9.3 has been released and is now available for download.

Interlok 3.9.3 has reached GA. It is now available for download.

The key highlights are :

  • You can now add comments to your Interlok Channels, Workflows and Service Collections
  • The UI Config Page Navigation Tree has been improved to display more collection components and now has a ‘focus’ mode.
  • A new MultiPayloadMessageFactory that enables AdaptrisMessage to support multiple payloads
  • Additional Services that allow you to Add payloads to MultiPayloadMessage and switch the active payload for other services to work on
  • The UI Config page has improved the opening of shared service collections from the shared components within config
  • The UI Interlok Profiler has been updated to allow multiple adapter/channel panels at the same time.
  • Interlok now supports NATS messaging (optional component interlok-nats)
  • Added support for ‘JSON Lines’ in json/csv-json/elastic optional components

The formal change log can be found here. Or you can check the usual sway presentation


Comments to your Interlok components:: Comments 1 Comments 2 Comments 3 Comments 3b

UI Config Page Navigation Tree: Navigation Tree 1 Navigation Tree 2 Navigation Tree 3