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Interlok 3.10.0

Interlok 3.10.0 has been released and is now available for download.

Interlok 3.10.0 has reached GA. It is now available for download.

  • The UI Optional Component Page has had many improvements, including:
    • a reworked details modal that has had lots of new help text added to make things clearer
    • integration of project readme documents into the details window
    • more filtering options added, for better filtering of deprecated and licensed components
  • The UI Service Tester Page has had many improvements, including:
    • A run option has been added to the test item that will run all its test cases.
    • When adding a new Test the Default Config File Source is now selected by default.
    • Improved the naming of tests when importing from existing config
  • The UI User Preference ‘Always attempt to load the active adapter’ has now been set to false by default as we continue to promote the use of project based configuration.
  • Interlok Runtime improvements include:
    • Added support for the Interlok to use the Prometheus pushgateway
    • By default, the standard docker images will run Interlok as an unprivileged user (You’ve always been able to run interlok as a unprivileged user, It just wasn’t done by default).
    • interlok-jmx-jms has been separated into individual provider projects
    • Initial support for Asynchronous messaging
    • The Default JSON transformation driver is now “simple-json”
    • apache-geode is now supported as a caching provider
    • Prototype support for multi-payload messages
    • The default Saxon transformation engine has been upgraded from 9.8 to 9.9.x

The formal change log can be found here Or you can check the usual sway presentation


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