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Interlok 3.10.1

Interlok 3.10.1 has been released and is now available for download.

Interlok 3.10.1 has reached GA. It is now available for download.

  • Use failed messages in the UI Config page testing features
  • UI Config Projects new ‘Additional Files’ tab
  • There is now a 2nd UI Service Tester Page available which is a proof of concept page experimenting with a new style, aiming to make it easier to configure service tester config
  • The UI Dashboard Page has new features that make it easier to add clustered Adapter instances
  • UI Optional Component has been improved to make it easier to switch between release and snapshot components
  • Interlok Runtime improvements include:
    • New methods to the Cache interface allowing a Per-item cache expiry where supported by the underlying cache provider
    • New AWS Key management services to work with Amazon KMS; sign/verify documents via KMS API
    • A new service get-and-cache-oauth-token that allows you to get an OAUTH Access Token and re-use it repeatedly
    • Added support for RefreshToken in the OAUTH AccessToken
    • Change of dependency from com.sun.mail:javax.mail to jakarta mail
    • Solace JCSMP early development as an alternative to JMS
    • Profiling to Prometheus now gives additional metrics; average speed of workflow processing and failed message counts.
    • Added support for a SMB consumer/producer
    • interlok-shell has been marked as Deprecated, since it isn’t supported in Java 11
  • A new exciting experimental installer based on JavaFX that allows you to pre-select optional components that you want to bundle into your installation

The formal change log can be found here Or you can check the usual sway presentation


Testing with Failed Messages : Failed Messages 01 Failed Messages 02 Failed Messages 03 Failed Messages 04 Failed Messages 05

UI Config Projects new ‘Additional Files’ tab : Additional Files 01 Additional Files 02 Additional Files 03 Additional Files 04 Additional Files 05