3.10.2 has made it to GA!

3.10.2 Has Made it to GA; get it as a standalone installer or docker image.

Version 3.10.2

Release Date : 2020-07-08

Key Highlights

  • UI Config Projects new Optional Components tab displays which additional optional components are needed in the Config XML
  • Interlok Runtime improvements include:
    • The XML schema validation has been improved to report on all schema violations rather than just the first one
    • New endpoints that supply readiness and liveness information in the interlok-workflow-rest-services health-check component
    • A new interlok-aws-s3 amazon-s3-extended-copy operation which mirrors CopyOperation but exposes additional object tags and object metadata
    • interlok-jclouds-blobstore jclouds-blobstore-connection now supports AWS session tokens when connecting to S3
    • interlok-aws-common added support for Signing HTTP Requests to the AWS managed Elasticsearch Service
    • Improved performance for BlobStorage object listings, which are now lazy loaded. This covers many components such as aws ListOperation, JsonBlobListRenderer, CsvBlobListRenderer etc.
    • If you enable the jetty management component w/o an accompanying jetty.xml configuration, a fail-safe one will be used
    • The docker base images will now use a JDK and not a JRE (as certain things like CRaSH requires a JDK)


  • INTERLOK-2932 - UI Dashboard - Adapter names and tags are not refreshed correctly in the UI
  • INTERLOK-3181 - Upgrade POI to 4.12 on interlok-excel
  • INTERLOK-3198 - UI: Missing deprecation warning in splitter
  • INTERLOK-3230 - ChannelRestartProduceExceptionHandler doesn`t fully restart channels.
  • INTERLOK-3233 - interlok-stubs : log4j2 jars aren`t optional.
  • INTERLOK-3263 - UI Service Tester - Issue loading service tester config from the local adapter storage (\ui-resources\config-project-store)
  • INTERLOK-3297 - UI - Not starting with jackson-databind 2.11.0 because of swagger
  • INTERLOK-3298 - Atrifact Downloader - Remote Code Execution (RCE)
  • INTERLOK-3305 - Fix interlok-install-builder for 3.10.2
  • INTERLOK-3309 - interlok-okhttp relies on ptsv2 (which is broken)
  • INTERLOK-3317 - interlok-gcloud-pubsub: review dependencies needed for it to work
  • INTERLOK-3321 - gcloud-pubsub has an undeclared dependency on gson
  • INTERLOK-3324 - UI: New projects do not always save as a structured project
  • INTERLOK-3325 - interlok-aws-common should depend on jackson-dataformat-cbor
  • INTERLOK-3337 - Timing issue with workflow-rest-services
  • INTERLOK-3342 - AddMetadataService: Sets of MetadataElement should be LinkedHashSet to force ordering


  • INTERLOK-2594 - config-test should validate shared connection references
  • INTERLOK-3039 - Hotfixes are not coped with at all by the UI
  • INTERLOK-3048 - Config Conditional Operator: “Is Not Empty”, “In” and “Not In”
  • INTERLOK-3123 - Bump google-cloud-pubsub from 1.98.0 to 1.102.0
  • INTERLOK-3206 - Document use of JGroups in clustering/failover
  • INTERLOK-3219 - Remove the need for jetty.xml/webdefault.xml
  • INTERLOK-3231 - Investigate RetryMessHandler with a restarting produce exception handler
  • INTERLOK-3241 - UI : Save project should create used optional component list
  • INTERLOK-3247 - Listing BlobStorage objects should not force creation of Collection
  • INTERLOK-3248 - Synchronous Kinesis Stream Producer
  • INTERLOK-3259 - interlok-solace doesn`t need solace jars as optional
  • INTERLOK-3260 - interlok-workflow-rest-services: Liveness vs Readiness Probes
  • INTERLOK-3277 - JMS bridging - failures on produce
  • INTERLOK-3283 - License expiry event as a heartbeat
  • INTERLOK-3290 - Update XML schema validation to report all validation errors
  • INTERLOK-3291 - Cluster Manager - Override the JGroups config
  • INTERLOK-3292 - Upgrade WMQ to the latest
  • INTERLOK-3295 - Add support for Signing HTTP Requests to the AWS managed Elasticsearch Service
  • INTERLOK-3303 - interlok-jcloud-blobstore: Allow connection to S3 using sessionToken
  • INTERLOK-3315 - Remove deprecated jetty config sockerLingerTime
  • INTERLOK-3318 - interlok-aws-s3: New copy-operation that copies object metadata and tags.
  • INTERLOK-3328 - Revert docker base images to use JDK not JRE
  • INTERLOK-3340 - Add a “ClearCache” Service
  • INTERLOK-2895 - RandomIntervalPoller -> might be nice to have a “real timestamp”
  • INTERLOK-3280 - UI - Upgrade dependencies
  • INTERLOK-3285 - Mark interlok-salesforce as deprecated
  • INTERLOK-3308 - UI Optional Component Page - Create UI Icons for additional optional components
  • INTERLOK-3311 - interlok-install-builder - check that the installer build process includes the appropriate jar artefact for mail javadocs
  • INTERLOK-3319 - UI - Bump flyway-core from 6.4.0 to 6.4.3
  • INTERLOK-3332 - UI - More dependencies upgrade