has made it to GA! Has made it to GA; get it as a standalone installer or docker image.


Release Date : 2018-12-11

The release only contains bug fixes that relate only to the Interlok UI build. This version reverts all the settings editor changes that were made in version 3.8.2.

Key Highlights

  • Config projects improvements to allow more customisation and easier to use with VCS.
  • The UI Widgets Page allows the ability to create widgets that are backed by data from custom endpoints.
  • New UI ‘Component Search’ page that allows you to search an Elasticsearch index containing all our Interlok components.
  • New management component that can start and stop an external process on Interlok JVM start-up
  • New optional component ‘interlok-json-streaming’ that lets you perform streaming operations on JSON
  • Services JsonMapInsert and Upsert now support expression based table names
  • New optional component ‘interlok-kie’ that is an upgraded replacement for ‘interlok-drools’
  • Improved Interceptor that publishes the last timeslice


  • INTERLOK-2574 - New Config settings editor is broken the tree view causes a crashed modal.


Release Date : 2018-12-07

The release only contains bug fixes that relate only to the Interlok UI build.

This version has a Critical UI bug relating to the settings editor. This means you are unable to configure certain components correctly. This is because in the 3.8.2 release, we made changes to the way the editor displays collections of objects, unfortunately, it has been a very problematic huge change and it means is unusable for configuring components in the UI with metadata filters.

As a result of this bug, we feel it is better if we release a version that reverts the settings editor changes to how they were pre-3.8.2. This issue is a problem with the Interlok UI only, no other artefacts are affected.


  • INTERLOK-2560 - UI Config - unable to apply config to an adapter if it contains a shared component
  • INTERLOK-2561 - UI Widgets - Adding an ‘Aggregated Adapter Widget’ to the widgets page does not work

Version 3.8.2

Release Date : 2018-12-04

The Interlok 3.8.2 release contains a broken Interlok UI (the version should be used).


  • INTERLOK-2375 - JdbcSequenceNumberService ans SimpleSequenceNumberService are inconsistently configured
  • INTERLOK-2422 - interlok-aws-sqs: When max-messages-per-poll is set consumer pulls an extra message
  • INTERLOK-2424 - AdaptrisMessage#getWriter(encoding) is not predictable
  • INTERLOK-2430 - check-cache and check-cache-and-retrieve services don’t work with JSR107
  • INTERLOK-2433 - JMX/JMS (ActiveMQ) needs to trust all packages
  • INTERLOK-2449 - Re-enable the jdbc/sftp tests on dev-vm*
  • INTERLOK-2452 - Version number now missing from startup logging
  • INTERLOK-2457 - interlok-stax: StaxPathSplitter does not execute copyMetadata
  • INTERLOK-2464 - UI-Salesforce Helper : need to be able to configure oauth token URL
  • INTERLOK-2466 - UI: Fix interlok-ui snyk.io high severity vulns
  • INTERLOK-2467 - Cannot Bump awsSDKVersion from 1.11.426 to 1.11.427
  • INTERLOK-2468 - UI - Changing the role when updating a user doesn’t work.
  • INTERLOK-2486 - Issue with Flat File Transformer
  • INTERLOK-2494 - UI Optional Components - update the ‘download jar’ url / ensure it works for Gradle/Maven snapshot builds
  • INTERLOK-2498 - UI should cope with members that are a list but default to a “null”
  • INTERLOK-2514 - Unable to configure ‘Xpath Metadata Service > XML Document Factory Config > Entity Resolver’ using the UI
  • INTERLOK-2515 - Component Downloader - The component downloader should make sure snapshot artifcts are updated
  • INTERLOK-2522 - UI Service Tester - the save button animation doesn’t work correctly
  • INTERLOK-2525 - Boolean type error with json-jdbc-upsert service
  • INTERLOK-2532 - ‘Fix Local Adapter’ button appears on the dashboard, but I already have a local adapter.


  • INTERLOK-660 - Add a quick-add button (or in the add modal) in the dashboard that add the local adapter if it doesn’t exist.
  • INTERLOK-1530 - HTTP Producer using OKHTTP
  • INTERLOK-2141 - Should optional component ‘adp-webservice-external’ have ‘interlok-common’ listed twice as a dependency in it’s pom?
  • INTERLOK-2237 - Remove beautification due to illegal module access
  • INTERLOK-2307 - UI Projects - ‘pretty print’ config-project.json
  • INTERLOK-2308 - UI Projects - allow configuration of x-includes directory structure
  • INTERLOK-2309 - UI Projects - variables properties inheritance
  • INTERLOK-2317 - JSON Metadata Splitter
  • INTERLOK-2360 - Migrate ‘interlok’ to gradle
  • INTERLOK-2366 - UI Component Search - create the ‘component search’ results page
  • INTERLOK-2367 - UI Config - Improve the editing of object lists within the settings editor
  • INTERLOK-2386 - Add a new interlok-kie package to replace interlok-drools
  • INTERLOK-2410 - Upgrade interlok-excel to use poi-4.0.0
  • INTERLOK-2413 - Review dependabot updates for 3.8.2
  • INTERLOK-2417 - interlok-service-tester: Gradle Plugin set working directory
  • INTERLOK-2427 - Interceptor that publishes the last timeslice
  • INTERLOK-2428 - Management Component that can “start / stop” an external process
  • INTERLOK-2434 - UI Widgets - define the features and rules that would be required to build custom widgets
  • INTERLOK-2439 - Read File Service to set file Content Type as metadata
  • INTERLOK-2447 - Migrate StaxGetRootElementService from odin-labs to interlok-stax
  • INTERLOK-2448 - Migrate SymmetricKeyDecryptionService from odin-labs to interlok-core
  • INTERLOK-2451 - Migrate odin-date-formatter-builder-with-optional-fraction to interlok-core
  • INTERLOK-2454 - Add Ordered Item Metadata Filter
  • INTERLOK-2456 - interlok-json: Metadata To Json Service
  • INTERLOK-2458 - UI - Improve the user experience when a local adapter is disconnected
  • INTERLOK-2459 - Json Streaming Splitter
  • INTERLOK-2461 - interlok-service-tester: Shared Service Provider
  • INTERLOK-2465 - JsonMapInsert + Upsert should support expression based tablenames
  • INTERLOK-2470 - Bump hibernate-core to 5.3.7.Final
  • INTERLOK-2471 - Bump spring-beans etc to 4.3.20.RELEASE
  • INTERLOK-2475 - UI Widgets - Add a count custom widget
  • INTERLOK-2476 - UI Widgets - Add a table custom widget
  • INTERLOK-2477 - UI Widgets - Add a chart custom widget
  • INTERLOK-2485 - interlok-json: Json Array Array Aggregator
  • INTERLOK-2487 - Serializing Statistics improvement
  • INTERLOK-2489 - UI Widget - Custom widget should work when the endpoints return a gzip encoded response.
  • INTERLOK-2492 - Add annotation to indicate when something will be “removed”
  • INTERLOK-2497 - Change nexus development.adaptris.net/nexus to nexus.adaptris.net/nexus in the component downloader and indexer
  • INTERLOK-2499 - Stax should support additional XMLInputFactory properties
  • INTERLOK-2507 - XA - vendor-imps other than just JNDI.
  • INTERLOK-2508 - Add a send(Event, Map<>) method.
  • INTERLOK-2044 - UI Config - Remove or Improve the popular group in the component sidebar
  • INTERLOK-2221 - UI Version Alerts - improve the version alert message when you have multiple adapters out of version
  • INTERLOK-2282 - UI - test the dashboard with many adapters and plan optimisation tasks
  • INTERLOK-2390 - FtpConnection should using ExpiringMap
  • INTERLOK-2453 - UI Projects - improve the variable properties naming
  • INTERLOK-2455 - Consider using public interface of ParameterizeType, … in Interlok XStreamUtils.java
  • INTERLOK-2474 - SplitJoinService exception handling strategy
  • INTERLOK-2517 - UI - Bump jetty and servlet api versions to match core.
  • INTERLOK-2537 - Make SoapAction in CXF expression based