3.8.4 has made it to GA!

3.8.4 Has Made it to GA; get it as a standalone installer or docker image.

Version 3.8.4

Release Date : 2019-04-29

Key Highlights

  • Config projects continued improvements: better UX for loading projects; improved variable usage when moving/coping components with existing variables; and various improvements around the importing existing config with multiple variable sets; and configurability of the x-includes root location.
  • The Component Search has been improved so search results now link to the optional component page and vice versa.
  • The DynamicServiceExecutor has been enhanced and can be used as a simplified DynamicServiceLocator (which has been deprecated).
  • OAuth components have been improved to support the generation of the OAuth Signature for OAUTH1.0 / RFC 5849 (Optional component: interlok-oauth-generic)
  • A new service-list implementation that auto maps against StaX implementations (Optional component: Interlok-stax)
  • New XML Exception Report service that includes workflow ID and Message


  • INTERLOK-2251 - interlok-filesystem + zip slip
  • INTERLOK-2587 - UI Config - ‘Import Config with variables’ modal doesn’t reset the ‘Config Selected’ message upon opening
  • INTERLOK-2588 - UI Projects - the “Upload variables” button doesn’t work when the variable set name isn’t present
  • INTERLOK-2627 - UI Config Page - Services with connections do not have recommended connections displayed first
  • INTERLOK-2648 - UI Config Page : variable builder “trims trailing white space”
  • INTERLOK-2654 - UI VCS Templates - Using a VCS Profile and Creating a new template in config, it fails to add the new file to the commit
  • INTERLOK-2660 - json-streaming + stax no longer build on Windows.
  • INTERLOK-2668 - XmlSchemaValidator does not support file URLs
  • INTERLOK-2674 - UI Config - Copy a component which has some non latin1 characters in its javadoc fails.
  • INTERLOK-2682 - interlok-apache-http: apache-http-response-headers-as-metadata does not override existing metadata
  • INTERLOK-2685 - UI Config Page - The class impl selector fails when nested in a class (XmlValidationService > XmlSchemaValidator > cache connection)
  • INTERLOK-2704 - UI Config Page - On import single item lists do not generate correct XPaths
  • INTERLOK-2717 - UI Projects - Xincs directory slash is incorrect in the outputted xml
  • INTERLOK-2738 - Change docker-entrypoint.sh to lower networkaddress.ttl
  • INTERLOK-2741 - interlok-json-streaming: JsonStreamingSplitter Looses original JSON type
  • INTERLOK-2742 - TestExecutionOrder required for TestCompositeKeystore
  • INTERLOK-2745 - UI - Not on RBI Network, am still offered “Search” on optional components page
  • INTERLOK-2746 - UI Optional Component - direct jar download links are broken for releases (work for snapshots)
  • INTERLOK-2747 - UI: Link is wrong on apache-http “further information”
  • INTERLOK-2748 - UI Projects - unable to use the ‘Config XML File Name’ input to customise the adapter.xml filename
  • INTERLOK-2751 - UI Service Tester - javascript error when ‘Generate Tests From Adapter Config’


  • INTERLOK-1937 - Improve the inline javadocs, so they work better for nested component tabs
  • INTERLOK-2224 - UI - Default user credentials should be driven by properties
  • INTERLOK-2535 - UI Projects - update the variable xpaths when dragging components with variables around the config page
  • INTERLOK-2544 - UI Component Search - link the component search results to its corresponding optional component
  • INTERLOK-2548 - UI Version Upgrade - update Knockout to latest version
  • INTERLOK-2589 - UI Config Page - keep a selectable list of ‘Local project path’ values on the ‘open project from local file system’ option
  • INTERLOK-2590 - UI Config/UI Service Tester - Once you’ve opened a project, switching between these pages should auto reopen the project
  • INTERLOK-2592 - UI Config Page - Open modal ‘Import Config’ should allow multiple variable sets to be uploaded
  • INTERLOK-2598 - Generation of the OAuth Signature for OAUTH1.0 / RFC 5849
  • INTERLOK-2600 - UI Config Page - Create new feature to validate the ui project variables outside the ‘apply config’ modal
  • INTERLOK-2608 - UI Config Page - remove the ‘active’ flag on the ui projects variable sets, and improve the variable token selector in the settings editor to display all tokens from all variable sets.
  • INTERLOK-2614 - UI Config Page - “Reload project from Filesystem”
  • INTERLOK-2624 - JMS 2.0 - Handle acknowledgements from async producers
  • INTERLOK-2625 - XML Exception Report service that includes workflowId and Message
  • INTERLOK-2634 - dependabot updates for 3.8.4
  • INTERLOK-2643 - Add a metadata filter by size
  • INTERLOK-2647 - Add log-metadata to WorkflowImp or limit length of metadata in AdaptrisMessage.toString()
  • INTERLOK-2651 - UI Projects -x-includes should allow you to set specific include location not just /includes/
  • INTERLOK-2652 - Upgrade wrappers to latest gradle 5.x
  • INTERLOK-2658 - Fix all the “high-vulns” found by spotbugs
  • INTERLOK-2659 - Enable spotbugs on interlok-ui
  • INTERLOK-2672 - Add a service-list implementation that auto maps against StaX implementations
  • INTERLOK-2683 - interlok-config-conditional: Do While
  • INTERLOK-2686 - Interlok-aws-s3: Move CheckFileExistsOperation for use within Interlok
  • INTERLOK-2687 - PoolingWorkflow commons-pool-evictor thread too much logging
  • INTERLOK-2690 - Apache Artemis running in docker
  • INTERLOK-2691 - Use kubernetes as the container orchestration
  • INTERLOK-2701 - Upgrade current profiler project to be more versatile
  • INTERLOK-2702 - Deprecated DynamicServiceLocator; merge functionality into DynamicServiceExecutor
  • INTERLOK-2703 - JDBC Splitting XML Payload Translator does not include metadata in split messages
  • INTERLOK-2707 - Change ServiceExtractor interface to return a Service
  • INTERLOK-2725 - MetadataServices should have a “metadata-logger”
  • INTERLOK-2661 - UI: Identify and fix the high priority issues reported by spotbugs
  • INTERLOK-2675 - Abbrevate the logging from StatementParameter
  • INTERLOK-2681 - Upgrade or supersede ReadFileService to use a MessageDrivenDestination