The main Interlok runtime no longer needs a license; however some of the optional components may require a license which can be applied using the following method.

Applying a license

If you have purchased an Interlok license, then you can get a license key from our support team. You will need to create a file config/ with which contains single property. If you want to host the license key elsewhere, then you need to add a system property adp.license.location=your location to the startup parameters (or in of Interlok

adp.license.key=<your license key here>

License Types

There are generally 3 types of license Basic, Standard, and Enterprise.

The basic license allows you access to the core features of Interlok, and is suitable for simple deployments where you are using Interlok as a on/off ramp for a community. It does not allow you any complex workflow logic and restricts you to using standard-workflow only.

The standard license includes everything in basic, and covers everything that is available in a base distribution (it does not cover everything in the optional directory).

The enterprise license unlocks everything.