This page describes how to configure a custom class loader for use with Jetty (since 3.5.1).

Default Behaviour##

By default the current threads class loader is used to load management components.

Configuring a Custom Class Loader

The class loader can be changed by setting the classloader property in the Jetty configuration file …/META-INF/com/adaptris/core/management/components/jetty, for example:

Configuring JAR Blacklisting

With the custom BlacklistingFactory in use, the classloader.blacklist.filenames property value in can be used to exclude JAR and WAR files from the classpath of the custom class loader. Its format is a comma-separated list of files/folders to remove from the classpath.


Runtime Logging

There is minimal logging within the BlacklistingFactory that can be used to determine which classes have been blacklisted and which haven’t. This is all preceded by the log message indicating that a custom class loader is being used:

DEBUG [main] [ManagementComponentFactory] Using custom class loader

Followed by a list of blacklisted/whitelisted JAR files:

TRACE [main] [BlacklistingFactory] Whitelisting hibernate-validator.jar
DEBUG [main] [BlacklistingFactory] Blacklisting hk2-api.jar file://Projects/odin-interlok/packager/build/openfield/lib/hk2-api.jar
DEBUG [main] [BlacklistingFactory] Blacklisting hk2-locator.jar file://Projects/odin-interlok/packager/build/openfield/lib/hk2-locator.jar
DEBUG [main] [BlacklistingFactory] Blacklisting hk2-utils.jar file://Projects/odin-interlok/packager/build/openfield/lib/hk2-utils.jar
TRACE [main] [BlacklistingFactory] Whitelisting hppc.jar

Log messages concerning blacklisted JAR files include both the file name and the full path, whereas whitelisted items only indicate the JAR file name. Also note that whitelisting messages only occur when logging is enabled and set to TRACE instead of DEBUG.

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