The Config Page Navigation Tree allows you to quickly navigation around components into your adapter configuration.

Getting Started

As of version 3.9, the Navigation Tree is only available if you have the ‘User Preferences’ > ‘Enable technical preview features’ setting switched on.

To open the config pages Navigation Tree, you use the map button which is next to the Project button.

The Config page Navigation Tree toggle button:

Config page Navigation Tree toggle button

The Navigation Tree

The Navigation Tree presents you with a expandable, clickable tree:

Config page Navigation Tree Open

Using the plus and minus buttons you can expand the tree. Note, the tree only displays Channels, Workflows and Service Collections (as well as a special opener for the Shared Components).

Config page Navigation Tree Expanded

Clicking on a element in the tree, will select that component in the main config panel.

Config page Navigation Tree Clickable

The Navigation Tree Filter

The Navigation Tree elements can be filtered:

Config page Navigation Tree Clickable

Note, elements that are filtered will always display their parents and children elements. This is so you can filter and still use the features of the tree. For example, if you were looking for service collection ‘process-orders’, you could filter ‘process’ and you would see the channel and workflow that the service collection ‘process-orders’ belonged to.

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