The GUI web application allows to configure some properties to change the ui resources file system path (Since 3.0.5) and new component Id generator:

System Preferences

You can access the System Preferences page by clicking on the down arrow next to your user name and on the System Preferences item.

The system preferences are:

  • Config Template Url: Directory where are located the UI templates used in the configuration page.
  • Config Export Url: Directory where adapter configuration file get exported. The export is done in the configuration page. (Removed Since 3.7.1)
  • Config Store Url: Directory where configurations are saved (and auto saved).
  • Config Project Store Url: Directory where configurations projets are saved (and auto saved) (Since 3.7.0).
  • Vcs Repo Url: Directory where all the VCS (Suversion, Git) repositories get stored.
  • Id Generator: Random Id generator strategy for new component in the configuration page: (Since 3.5.0)
    • Random Name: The generated Id will be a mix of a random famous scientist surname and a random adjective, e.g. amazing-darwin. (Default Since 3.5.1)
    • Class Name and Random Id: The generated Id will be a mix of the component class name or alias and a random number, e.g. Channel-1209003.
    • Creates a GUID using com.adaptris.util.GuidGenerator: The ID is generated using the com.adaptris.util.GuidGenerator class, e.g. 37cc799e-bd50-4560-a735-1320e0a78ebe
  • Disable External Resources: Disable automatic loading of external resources such as optional components information or Interlok blog articles. (Since 3.9.3)
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