The GUI web application allows to configure some properties to change the ui resources file system path (Since 3.0.5) and new component Id generator:

System Preferences

You can access the System Preferences page by clicking on the down arrow next to your user name and on the System Preferences item.

System Preferences page

The system preferences are:

  • Config Template Url: Directory where are located the UI templates used in the configuration page.
  • Config Export Url: Directory where adapter configuration file get exported. The export is done in the configuration page. (Removed Since 3.7.1).
  • Config Store Url: Directory where configurations are saved (and auto saved).
  • Config Project Store Url: Directory where configurations projets are saved (and auto saved) (Since 3.7.0).
  • Vcs Repo Url: Directory where all the VCS (Suversion, Git) repositories get stored.
  • Id Generator: Random Id generator strategy for new component in the configuration page: (Since 3.5.0).
    • Random Name: The generated Id will be a mix of a random famous scientist surname and a random adjective, e.g. amazing-darwin. (Default Since 3.5.1).
    • Class Name and Random Id: The generated Id will be a mix of the component class name or alias and a random number, e.g. Channel-1209003.
    • Creates a GUID using com.adaptris.util.GuidGenerator: The ID is generated using the com.adaptris.util.GuidGenerator class, e.g. 37cc799e-bd50-4560-a735-1320e0a78ebe.
  • Disable External Resources: Disable automatic loading of external resources such as optional components information or Interlok blog articles. (Since 3.9.3).

System Properties

The system preference Disable External Resources can be set using the system property interlok.ui.disableExternalResources:


for example, to start interlok and disable automatic external resources loading:

java -Dinterlok.ui.disableExternalResources=true -jar lib/interlok-boot.jar 
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