These are the various videos we currently have available. For all these videos; click on the link and you’ll be taken to the videos page.

All these videos are available as a playlist.

Type Version Title Description
Dashboard 3.0 Dashboard Quick Tour This video is an introduction video to the main UI Dashboard features
Config 3.2.1 Compare Using Diff Comparing saved config XML using the ‘diff’ feature now has a full screen mode
Config 3.2.1 Arrays In Templates The ‘save as template’ feature now fully supports ArrayList and other non-adaptris collections
Config 3.2.1 Quickly Change Type Quick type change has been extended to include service collections
Config 3.2.1 Quick Add A new feature that allows you to quickly add a standard channel or a standard workflow
Config 3.2.1 Quick Add Consumer A new feature that allows you to quickly select the appropriate consumer after having configured a channels consume connection
Config 3.2.1 Quick Add Producer As above, but showing producer
Config 3.2.1 Settings Editor Inner Components The settings editor has been adapted so when you add an inner component, you are shown much more information; The editor still retains the dropdown method for those who still want to quickly add components
Config 3.2.1 Template Tabs The Save as Template wizard now contains tabbed navigation in order to help you find your required settings
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